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About Us

We Know How to Get Things Done

Our skilled Construction Management team has experience in diversified projects of all types. Our experience with subcontractors and suppliers, in addition to our management capabilities, are critical in coordinating, leading and supporting our team to get the results necessary to complete projects on time.


We Have a Long and Successful History

In 1984, J.C. Wild and his two sons, David and Tim, founded Wild Building Contractors, Inc. as a C-Corporation in Tennessee. In 1997, David and Tim purchased J.C. Wild’s ownership interest and converted the Company into an S-Corporation. Wild Building Contractors, Inc. was an outgrowth of Wild Construction, a residential construction company owned by J.C. Wild that established an excellent reputation in the construction industry in Tennessee. Wild Building Contractors, Inc. was started as a full-service general contractor to focus more on commercial, industrial and multi-family housing projects, as 95% of Wild Construction’s business was residential construction.

In 2008, Wild Building Construction, Inc. (“WBC” or “the company”) was born as an outgrowth of Wild Building Contractors, Inc. which shared ownership with David’s eldest son, Lance. Wild Building Construction, Inc. originally focused on small commercial and site development projects allowing Lance time to transition from his earthwork company to his role as Vice President of Operations for the family general contractor business.

Over the years, all of the contractor licenses held by Wild Building Contractors, Inc. have been retired leaving Wild Building Construction, Inc. as the only active construction company of the Wild family.

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Our Process

We Build On Time and On Budget

Construction Phase

The Construction Management process implements a dual inspection process to ensure the quality of all construction throughout the building process. The project management staff reviews submittals to assure compliance and the project superintendent will then verify the submittal is complied with and the installation is proper. The quality control is thoroughly documented through the submittal logs and daily construction reports.


Cost Control

We fully understand the importance of meeting cost and time requirements on our projects. WBC utilizes AccuBuild Construction Software, a cost accounting program specifically designed for the construction industry. This computerized accounting program generates reports, which facilitates tracking of all project cost data in a very detailed format.



Wild Building performs scheduling operations with Microsoft Project and Excel. This allows us to choose from various scheduling/reporting forms to best suit the individual project. These schedules can be updated on a regular basis to track overall conformance or sorted for detailed short-term progress. As the schedule develops, the subcontractors are requested to review all time frames addressing their work phases.



Planning throughout the project is premised by the fact that building construction is a dynamic, ever changing business. We provide our clients with the knowledge that quick reaction to unforeseen changes is of the utmost importance.