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Our Team

Decades of experience you can place your trust in.

Wild Building Construction

225 W. 1st North Street, Suite 102
Morristown, TN 37814

  • David Wild

    Owner / President

    David has been a stockholder and President of Wild Building since its incorporation.

    Although Wild Building has grown to an established, respected multi-million-dollar construction firm, David has always maintained a “hands-on” approach to every project. He is active in the bidding process, contract negotiations and communications with the Owner and Architect.

    David strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of his life – including the management of Wild Building. David is dedicated to making sure that WBC is successful, known for its quality of work and competent employees, and can be relied on to complete all projects on-time and on-budget.

  • Tim Wild

    Owner / Vice-President / Secretary

    Tim has been co-owner/stockholder of Wild Building since its incorporation. He has held the corporate position of Vice-President/Secretary/Treasurer since that time.

    His business degree and his work experience as a field engineer for Byers Engineering and as an accountant for Magnavox, Inc. have given him knowledge invaluable to a construction company. While Tim’s expertise veers to the business side of the company, he is active in all phases of the projects and excels in scheduling and subcontractor relations. Project Owners like Tim’s attention to detail, his willingness to research possible cost savings, and his frequent visits to the job sites.

    Tim is an individual who strives for excellence in every endeavor – including the management of Wild Building. His methodical, thoughtful way of getting things done epitomizes Tim’s efficient style of management.

  • Lance Wild

    Owner / Vice-President of Operations

    Lance joined the family business in 2008. Lance’s management skills and previous site construction experience has been a benefit to Wild Building. Lance assists in the coordination of contracted construction projects, participates in planning, project budgeting, communicates with Architects/Owners, subcontractors, reviews plans and specifications, monitors projects in progress and assists in general operations.

    Lance is dedicated to making sure that WBC is successful and can be relied on to complete projects on time and in budget.